Xbmc updating movie info how far is too far physical boundaries in dating

02-Jan-2018 20:34

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This is because if you look it up on the internet (the same thing the Kodi scraper does) it is actually written on the internet this way and the apostrophe is counted as a character it needs to match.

After you’ve changed the name of your movie, right click or press C on any movie in the library and choose, “Update Library”. If a movie is still not being detected, plug it into google and see what comes up.

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Depending on the size of your library and speed of your internet connection, you may need to wait a while, maybe even an hour .If you already had a source set up, you will need to edit it by selecting it, pressing C (or right clicking the mouse) and choosing edit source.Also make sure you select, “Run Automated scan” and “Scan Recursively”, under Settings to ensure you have “enable fanart” enabled. If you were creating a new source it should now scan it automatically.The way Kodi uses it’s scrapers is based on a file filter using something called regex.

Don’t worry about that too much, but just understand that the name of each of your files is quite important so that Kodi knows what movie to look up.When Kodi is newly set up, all you need to do is go through the add items to your library section above and Kodi automatically pulls in the local versions of the files you previously exported.

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In an interview with The Wrap, Animal Equality founder Jose Valle explained why shooting in VR is a more immersive and emotional experience for the viewer.… continue reading »

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