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I'm really grateful and thankful and wouldn't trade it for anything but I'm still in shock.PHOTOS: ' Glee's' Unforgettable Guest Stars What inspired you to write and share your "I'm the Guy" poem?I knew this would be my last shot to show him and this was the only thing they hadn't seen.Do you think the way 's third season ended -- with Finn (Cory Monteith) graduating and heading to boot camp -- helped you win?Considering all the focus the mentors had on Aylin and exploring a potential Muslim character for , how surprised were you when they announced your name as the winner?In that moment, I thought for sure either Aylin or Ali had it. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Jenner It’s unknown when they first started dating exactly, but they got engaged in July 2013 and secretly married in early 2015. Season 2 winner Blake Jenner knew he may not have had the most obvious story line among the Oxygen reality competition show's three finalists and turned to a previously unseen side of his personality to put him over the top: poetry.

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I'm watching it again and I can't believe that I won.In that moment, on that stage I was deciding which one of them to look at when I was waiting to hear one of their names so I could give them the biggest hug ever because I did not expect to win at all.I expected that one of them would win; I thought they had great story lines.After your performance and seeing what Ali and Aylin did in their last chance songs, is that what convinced you that you weren't going to win?

Watching their performances last night -- that was the first time I'd ever seen their performances.

I'd love to be a Finn-type character for the choir room. It's just how Samuel and Damian described it last season.