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02-Oct-2017 19:35

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They crave adventure and fun, still want to climb the highest mountain or drive the fastest car, and yet they also want to be loved in a cosy-jumper, walk-the-dog, you’re-my-best-friend sort of a way.

While still targeting an audience of young ones who are in awe of mountain-biking heroes. Maintaining my sense of humour and sense of perspective.

Indeed a first date and one that had just gone ferociously from the realms of “Have you seen ?

” to “Where do you see your life in five years’ time?

Each man would get 60 seconds to make his case, and the girls had the chance to, essentially, swipe right or left.

If two women chose the same guy, he got to pick between them—turning the tables and giving us the drama we craved oh, so much.

But most of them met the same swift TV demise, eventually.

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They are vaguely embarrassed, but also get that I need to move on to happier times.So, like most women my age, I sat up into the early hours of the morning, Sauvignon still in hand, writing a profile, putting up pics, handing over money, and hoping to God, as I pressed upload, that no one I knew would see me. I felt sick before we met at the coffee shop, but when Mr Lycra stood up, smiling, and thankfully not in Lycra, gave me a peck on the cheek, it all suddenly felt okay.Within minutes I got “likes”, “winks” and a couple of emails and I must admit to laughing out loud. The men who like me are, on average, 65, look rough as hell as they pose topless in front of their bathroom mirrors. Three months later we are inseparable, planning a week away together, he has met my kids, regularly sends me flowers, can handle the menopause word, doesn’t mind that I haven’t had a boob job or Botox, and may even meet my mother. We actually had two dates; on the second one we snogged, I fell into a whole fantasy about the joys of having a bf, until I got the silent treatment and was finally told by text that he didn’t want to commit. Chucked, as it was in my teenage day, which seems more relevant, given that I had been acting like a teenager. I manage to weedle out the 50-somethings, and even late 40-somethings, and go for a few more coffees. I had a picnic in a park until sunset with one guy, went to a gallery with another, talked about bird watching with one and meteorology with another.Why enjoy a normal ol' blind date when you could go on a blind date chaperoned by your ex?

That was the concept behind —effectively increasing the awkwardness of the blind date tenfold.

At 52, two years down the road from separating after 20 years with the same man in my life, and the mum of two teenage children, I must admit that my dating websites are just a bit mad. But friends have been telling me, over and over – “it’s time”. “Within days I am a cynical, self-pitying, single-for-life saddo myself and, therefore, destined for nothing but me and my Sauvignon future. Miraculously, he is my age, three years divorced, works in advertising, decent looking; although he has a bit of an overattachment to cycling Lycra – a common indicator of a Sminor (I am now even making my own acronyms up: separated males in need of a ride).

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