Updating wow in linux

26-Jul-2017 06:02

updating wow in linux-23

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Ascaris i finally got Warcraft Legion working on Ubuntu 16.04 on playonlinux i followed the steps on Youtube ,in the Warcraft systems setting you can change from directx 11 to directx 9that cleared the picture ,..thanks to your tip i changed in playonlinux configuration settings from wine 1.9.4 to system settingsand hey it worked thanks Ah, I didn't know there was an initial setting to change it to Direct X 9 compatibility. Otherwise the game always defaults to d3dx11 when launching.Can you link to the video for other Linux gamers who want to play Legion? You can use Open GL in Wo W too, and it is considerably faster than D3D9 in WINE, as you might expect.Once you've found this, there should be no differences with the Windows version. What you could do is while running the Windows OS in Wine, you could use an addon manager ie. The app allows you to download UI mods or other addons for Wo W directly from inside the application and it will take care of the file placement and setting up, etc.I did the same thing back when I ran a similar windows Emulator on my mac to have mods, before I found out about the Mac client.Unfortunately, Wo W's implementation of Open GL 3.0 is buggy, and it intermittently renders with considerable artifacts, whether in WINE or in Windows.This was not an issue in Wo D, as Wo D still uses Open GL2.0, which disables several of the graphics options in Wo W, but renders nicely within those limitations. You can change the graphics API by modifying the line in the config.confused file in the World of Warcraft/confused folder: SET gx Api "D3D9"or SET gx Api "D3D11"or SET gx Api "Open GL"You can also set it in the Wo W main menu under System/Advanced/Graphics API (Open GL will not be one of the options; only the D3Ds will), then exit the game and is the link for installation .will see when you watch this bloke or gal uses wine 1.9.4this is where i changed it to systems settings .will see it in video good luck https://Normally a black screen is related to 32-bit libraries, video drivers or direct x i run the game the screen is black where i presume the login screen is i get the cursor and the sound no visual like i said before was going to try opengl intead of direct x in confused folder but there are no files so can't edit it i am not in a rush to play this game at this moment..

Open GL now is nearly unplayable, at least to me (since all the graphics glitches).

A copy of the license version 1.2 is included in the section entitled .