26-Sep-2017 08:03

So I'll roll up another boom along the same lines, but with an adjustable angle mount, so all conditions can be catered for. So here are some photos to give an idea how it works.

Our cameras run 24 hours a day and automatically updates every 5 minutes with a new image (based on our current connection).

So I am inclined to file the tube rod rest tube-cam-boom under the category of "nice but nonessential items to have" if you are tooling up.

In other words - good things for where the car gets me to the waterside, but not where the lake is over 600 metres from the road.

They add packing volume, and complexity to the essential angling package that also comes along.

Once set up they add a certain deluxe aspect to the day, rather like a fancy sonar, downrigger, or ice cooler or whatever.But I learned a long time ago that too many gadgets add to the time getting up and out fishing, and distract and reduce the concentration on the main job.