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From 1978 he worked at the Young Communist League Central Committee and from 1982 (and again 1992-1999) he was the chief editor of magazine Tsitsernak.From 1992 he held various government positions and was an Adviser to the Prime Minister.Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.You can choose to show or hide destinations based on their maturity rating. With colourful pictures, stylistic and hilarious elements together with a fascinating mixture of real and imaginary, they have been enduring companions for children and young readers for several decades.David Metzenthen was born in 1958 in Melbourne where he now lives.After completing his schooling in Australia, he travelled to New Zealand where he worked in a range of practical jobs including gardener, gravedigger and hotel porter.

A year later he created, together with the designer Juan Manuel Lima, the collection La Movida (The move), a series of books aimed at adolescent readers.

Plenty of his books for young people are already classics in Latin America and Spain …

Some of his short-stories (several are considered the best short-stories in Spanish and American contemporary literature) seem to have been inspired by dreams, others resemble poems, but all of them are stories.

From that moment, he published numerous texts that established him as a reference point for the best literature for young people.

His most prominent books are Lucas Lenz y el Museo del Universo (Lucas Lenz and the museum of the universe, 1992), El inventor de juegos (The inventor of games, 2003), Trasnoche (Late night, 2014) and El juego de la nieve (The snow game, 2016). For thirty years, he has transmitted laughter, suspense, curiosity and desire for adventure to thousands of adolescents.

Two of his texts have been included in the IBBY Honour List: El buscador de finales (The seeker of endings, 2008) in 2010 and El verdadero negocio del señor Trapani (The true business of Mr. Several of his books received the award ALIJA Highlights and the KONEX Award as the best author of literature for young people in the decade 1994-2004 and the Planeta-Casa de las Américas Award in 2007.