Perfect match china dating show

13-Nov-2017 14:38

“This was the first time a Western-looking man achieved that.” There might be hope yet for single Australians looking for romance on their favorite Chinese dating show.), China’s most famous dating show and one of China’s most popular television shows in general.I joined in games of ping-pong, shopped for fireworks, and prepared dumplings and numerous family dinners. Some concepts remain incomprehensible to me no matter how hard I try to grasp them.Having a circle of friends that consists of more Chinese than Western expats and observing the US from the outside in, my views of America have been re-shaped and I've come to understand much of China and the way the people think. Chinese attitudes toward personal finance are by far the most perplexing. Tying a dating show to finance may sound like a difficult task.I eat the local food daily, shop in wet markets, have learned to eat any part of any animal, and even use chopsticks in my own home.These days I rarely catch more than a short playback of a football game, but I routinely join friends for competitive games of badminton.The program is produced by Jiangsu Broadcasting, but like all Chinese television shows, it's ultimately controlled by the government.It's filmed in Nanjing, the old capital of China, and airs on Jiangsu Satellite TV.

I barely got to mention my hobbies and what makes me unique as a person before I was answering the following questions: What are your thoughts on spending money?

Not because of looks, fashion sense, or even the inability for the two of us to communicate fluently.

The barrier that stands between me and finding love on a cheesy reality show comes down to finances. Having worked and lived a non-traditional expat life in China since 2009, I have integrated into the culture so much that some of my American roots have seemingly disappeared.

Still, no Chinese mother should fear my presence on the show just yet.

After auditioning, I have to confess that I question my potential compatibility with a Chinese man.“If I was your girlfriend, would you let your belly be my pillow?

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