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Though this country is on the more expensive end, my goal was to both enjoy myself and explore Israel on a budget.From the often chaotic streets and iconic nightlife of Tel Aviv to the vast number of holy sites for many religions in Jerusalem, it’s quite an experience to learn how many different cultures and people can exist in such a small space.Watch Jerusalem in real-time through a live video feed from our webcam located in the balcony of the hotel's Executive Lounge.See for yourself the breathtaking Old City views with its walls, minarets and domes from our hotel, situated in the heart of Jerusalem.Aish Ha Torah is an international network of Jewish educational centers, where Jews from all backgrounds can explore their heritage in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere.Aish Ha Torah operates programs in over 100 cities on 5 continents.

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The general location is at first guessed based on the IP number, but can be edited by whoever has better information.Take control to zoom in and out, pan left and right or up and down.Thanks to 22x magnification, you can now see your friends and family celebrating at the Kotel from the comfort of your home. I learned that violence in Israel is almost always directed between those who are Israeli or Palestinians.

A red-bearded guy like me and my blonde-haired Swedish friend were likely to be identified as tourists and avoided, even if violence occurred nearby. Luckily, it did and we didn’t encounter any acts of violence during our stay. In order to save travelers money, I focus on budget-friendly tips for public transportation, street food, mom & pop restaurants, activities and accommodations.

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