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Robeson spoke out against racism and became a world activist, yet was blacklisted during the paranoia of Mc Carthyism in the 1950s. Paul Leroy Robeson was born on April 9, 1898, in Princeton, New Jersey, to Anna Louisa and William Drew Robeson.Robeson's mother died from a fire when he was 6 and his clergyman father moved the family to Somerville, where the youngster excelled in academics and sang in church.The DRC government says that Inga 3 is under time pressure because the contract with South Africa, the main purchaser of the project’s electricity, will expire in 2021.The South African government may not be prepared to renew the contract after President Zuma, who promoted Inga 3 against considerable opposition, steps down in 2019.The World Bank, the World Energy Council and the dam industry have presented the Inga 3 Dam as a “dream for Africa” and a model for the lessons they have learned from past experience with mega-projects.Now the hydropower project on the Congo is unraveling into a political ploy with complete disregard for affected people and the environment.

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Signing multi-billion dollar contracts with the developers of Inga 3 would certainly help him to oil his relations with the country’s power brokers.

At a meeting with civil society groups in April, Bruno Kapandji argued instead that early feasibility studies (which didn’t assess environmental impacts in any detail) had found that the project would not have any negative impacts.

And in a meeting in early May, Kapandji asked International Rivers and our Congolese partner CORAP whether NGOs couldn’t “commission or finance these studies.”It is shocking that the world’s biggest hydropower scheme, the model project of the World Bank and the World Energy Council, could go forward without an assessment of its social and environmental impacts and a resettlement action plan in place.

When he was 17, Robeson earned a scholarship to attend Rutgers University, the third African American to do so, and became one of the institution's most stellar students.

He received top honors for his debate and oratory skills, won 15 letters in four varsity sports, was elected Phi Beta Kappa and became his class valedictorian.

Why are Chinese actors considering support for Inga 3 even if the project violates basic Chinese and international standards?