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23-Oct-2017 21:40

Produced by VICE Media and hosted by correspondent Jo Fuertes-Knight, the film takes us around the globe to explore the various technologies that harbor the potential to compliment (or endanger) the future of human intimacy.

What if you could virtually simulate a sexual encounter with your favorite adult film star, or with a mate that you design using your ideal specifications?

He rubbed it over his face, and said, “That’s perfect.” It was soft enough.

Technology has altered the way we experience the world and each other, but at what cost?

Or will our basic human need for a face-to-face connection always win out in the end?

How will we define love and sex in the digital age?

doesn't focus only on the tits, but touches as much of her as he can. he does all the work in every single position including when she's on top.

Others said they found lesbian porn to be useful, while a few referenced a specific Porn Hub tutorial and an episode of the HBO show Real Sex.depicts the aftermath of the most brutal rape scene in all of cinema.Clocking in at nearly 11 minutes long, the unbearably savage sequence is the film's cruel centerpiece.Shot in one unbroken take, the crime is committed in an underground walkway lit red, like everything is occurring behind a wall of blood.

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Monica Bellucci, who plays the victim, is something like a performance artist for her work here. To get prepared, he hires a black guy who he thinks went to prison to prepare him for Quentin. In the scene, Will Ferrell is preparing to do it to a gay man in a bathroom stall in a California gay spot.