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Bruce Wayne didn't want me to attend my favorite morning yoga classes. " my girlfriends would sing, right after I'd finish telling a particularly bad Bad-man episode -- of which there were many. I'll call him Bruce Wayne to protect his not-so-innocent secret identity." Next up was Bruce Wayne's request for a wardrobe change."I prefer you stop dressing in anything sexy," Bruce Wayne scolded.I remember when I first confessed this "compromise" to my girlfriends, I did so as a joke. Same relaxing effects, only faster, more convenient and it won't upset boyfriends." Why men do crazy things My girlfriends would all shake their heads in disapproval.I said, "Can't make it to your favorite morning yoga classes? "I can't believe you're giving up your beloved Jivamukti!The girl—we’ll call her Sally Parks—found me, added me as a friend, and we fell madly in love. Until Sally and I were screaming at each other all the time, and she started talking to her old boyfriend on Myspace, and I started talking to other girls on Myspace, and we broke up. Then broke up.)I loved Myspace, because I lived in Florence, Ore., a town of 8,000 people with a median age of 55.The year after I moved there, Florence was named the No.

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Florence was an hour from anyone between the ages of 21 and 40 (in nearby Eugene) but with Myspace, all I had to do to meet women in Eugene was to say I lived in Eugene, too. I had made my mom take that profile photo, along with the other one of me and my adorable border collie, sitting on a bench in a state park.“There’s a class division, a stereotype that Myspace is trashy. Rising star Twitter had just hit 20 million monthly unique visitors that summer of 2009, but Myspace still had nearly three times that following, and its founders laughed all the way to the Cayman Islands after Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Myspace has the potential to be that place,” he said. “If Myspace can relaunch, maybe I should try my rocket again,” quipped @Kim Jong Number Un. And speaking of pimping, it also appears Myspace’s saviors actually understand web monetization, because they’ve devoted huge chunks of real estate to spaces they can control—and sell ads in.But most of America is trashy.”I was two Myspace girlfriends in by that point, but I took no offense. Timberlake didn’t return my phone calls, and Specific Media declined to comment.• A "good compromise" is changing your habits and self in such a way that you grow more into your most full, authentic, best self In my book "Prince Harming Syndrome," I offer some interesting love advice from Aristotle who explains that the reason why so many people are unhappy in life is because they choose mates simply for pleasure or utility.

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In other words, mates who are only sex-mates, ego-mates and/or wallet-mates. Real-deal love happiness, according to Aristotle, comes from being involved in "a relationship of shared virtue," where you pick a mate who gets you at your core and lovingly inspires, challenges and supports you to become your best possible soul self.Happily, the new me (who I suppose is the old me) knows better.