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27-Jul-2017 08:54

Think of Optimal Living Daily: Relationships as an audioblog or blogcast.:) Optimal Living Daily is a podcast created for those looking to improve their life one step at a time: lifelong learners, life hackers, and life optimizers.Current sites and authors include: Zen - Leo Babauta Marc And - Marc & Angel Chernoff Mark - Mark Manson Steve - Steve Pavlina Family Good Life - Mary Jaksch and more being added! *Optimal Living Daily has received permission from the original authors to read content on this show.Joey Graceffa and his boyfriend Daniel Christopher dropped a Valentine’s Day bombshell. Her vlogs, like her laser tag and Disney videos, were a goldmine for Janiel enthusiasts.On May 14, 2015, Garza was exercising in his front yard when Officer Mario Cardona parked his truck in his driveway across the street, got out and yelled at Garza to “come here,” according to the lawsuit.The officer, who was off duty, eventually crossed the street and assaulted the college student without provocation, punching him in the face and forcing him to the ground.Joey also admitted that Daniel was his FIRST ever official boyfriend! In fact, Daniel raged at fans after his original Twitter account handle was taken over by a Joey fan.

But you were very cute.” Joey said that he could not wait for a date, but had trouble deciding on a time. “I had to run out of the room when you were filming.

I thought you were a verified account that bought followers. The duo eventually decided to meet up late at night at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. He said that it was very difficult being a secret boyfriend.

Daniel said that they hid their relationship because of Joey.

Although fans have been speculating about their secret relationship for over a year, Daniel and Joey officially confirmed today that Janiel is definitely real! Brittani Louise Taylor also accidentally confirmed that the pair were dating.

Joey Graceffa officially confirmed that he was dating Daniel Christopher in his latest video. Wow.” Joey and Daniel said that they have been dating for a year and a half – their two-year anniversary will be this July! Additionally, Janiel shippers probably remember that Daniel was forced to delete and lock his Twitter and Instagram accounts after swarms of Joey fans bombarded him early on in their relationship.

Daniel eventually had to leave for New York Fashion Week, which lasted two weeks.

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