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23-Jun-2017 11:07

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I've loved watersports and peeing since I was a child.I remember wetting my panties a few times when I was a kid and how good it felt.I laid in the grass and she bent over my head and squat. All the way back to like Kindergarten, I can remember doing it on purpose just because it made me feel good.Right up into my teens I continued to wet my pants whenever I could get...

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I didn’t want my wife to see how exciting it was for me if it was going to be weird for her. I pushed my tongue into her warm wet slit and tasted what was left of her warm... I'm gently massaging my wet and stroking my pulsating

Things were getting really hot and heavy so we took it upstairs. I had my first ****** while "accidentally" peeing on myself. Having an interested partner is the only thing that can surpass the solo experience of ************ and watersports. exactly when this wetting fantasy started, nor whether it was my idea or my husband’s, I only know that I had a strong desire to w*t myself when fully clothed.

I had a quiet afternoon at work yesterday so spent a lot of it sending and receiving texts from hubby. When I first met my wife she was up for just about anything, although sadly much of her fire has now gone out.

It was late at night on the road when my girl said she had to pee.. Without saying anything I let myself drift a little...

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She went into the woods off the woods, she asked if I wanted to get wet. Let me start by explaining that for as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed wetting my pants.i luv getting on my knees and letting a guy **** in my mouth and just having my mouth open wide waiting for him my mouth with his hot **** using my mouth as his personal urinal and the sound of the **** goin in my mouth turns me on so much 37yo guy an fetish of newspapers met a couple nr me we met on a swingeres site arranged a splosh fun then my fetish met in a park I drove to there place wen I got there mistres said I had a job to do blow a paddling pool up I ******** off then played with her hubby as we were... It has happened on accident when f*cking my bf and he ended up liking it so now we typically incorporate p*ssing into our routine.