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The Genesis Flood THE BIBLICAL RECORD AND ITS SCIENTIFIC IMPLICATIONSby JOHN C. Carbon-14 dating can be used on objects ranging from a few hundred years old to 50,000 years old.Arnold and I had was that our advisors informed us that history extended back only 5000 years.We had thought initially that we would be able to get samples all along the curve back to 30,000 years, put the points in, and then our work would be finished.No one seriously proposes that all the determined dates are without error, but we do not know how many of them are in error—25%? The sharp reduction in previously estimated dates for the close of the glacial period (a date which had been estimated mainly on the basis of counts of varved clays presumably laid down by the retreating ice sheet) has been a source of much argument among Pleistocene geologists as to the relative merits of the varve method (which gave a date of over 20,000 years) and the radiocarbon method (which gave a date of about 11,000 years). Ernst Antevs, has sharply criticized the radiocarbon method, as a result: In appraising C 14 dates, it is essential always to discriminate between the C 14 age and the actual age of the sample.The laboratory analysis determines only the amount of radioactive carbon present …However, the laboratory analysis does not determine whether the radioactive carbon is all original or is in part secondary, intrusive, or whether the amount has been altered in still other irregular ways besides by natural decay.7-72A conference on radiocarbon dating held in October, 1956, resulted in the following conclusions about the reliability of the method: Local variation, especially in shells, can be highly significant.

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Every one of these assumptions is highly questionable in the context of the events of Creation and the Deluge.When it comes to dating archaeological samples, several timescale problems arise.For example, Christian time counts the birth of Christ as the beginning, AD 1 (Anno Domini); everything that occurred before Christ is counted backwards from AD as BC (Before Christ).Much more must be done on chemical purification of samples.7-73The problem of atmospheric contamination by fossil fuels has also come in for some consideration, since the burning of coal and oil during the past century and more has added measurably to the amount of carbon dioxide in the carbon cycle.

A recent study on the quantitative aspect of this factor concludes:…This tool has become quite widely used and accepted in recent years and is important to our study since it professes to supply absolute dates for events within the past 30 or 40 thousand years. The formation of radiocarbon (that is, Carbon 14, the radioactive isotope of ordinary carbon) from cosmic radiation was first discovered, however, by Serge Korff, an authority on cosmic rays.

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