American indian dating customs

19-Sep-2017 04:48

A man could have as many wives as he could afford to care for, and more wives meant less work for the women.

The Sioux suitor had only a few acceptable ways to court the girl he hoped would be his bride.

If you could point me in the proper direction, I would be apppreciative.~Submitted by Jim M.

Answer: Hi Jim, Most of the customs of the Cherokee and Sioux that would be practiced today apply more to the wedding ceremony than the courtship period.

It would then be up to the girl to decide a date for the wedding.

If a Sioux girl were interested in a particular young man, and was of marrying age, she might stand outside her family's tipi under close parental supervision, wrapped in a blanket and wait for him to come by.

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If gifts were accepted and the father approved, the girl would have no say in the matter, even if she was opposed to the marriage.

Those who did remarry were often ostracized from their band.

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