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The authors use a number of explanatory variables when examining democratic transition and consolidation. The first, macrovariables, include stateness, and prior regime type.The second, actor variables, includes the leadership base of the prior regime type, and who initiates and controls oppositions.The author's write, "there can be no complex modern democracy without voting, no voting without citizenship, and no official membership in the community of citizens without a state to certify membership" (28).The authors also suggest that the role played by prior regime type shape the paths available for transition, and what tasks remain to achieve consolidation.“Merz is committed to not only retaining jobs in Racine Country, but also to creating new opportunities,” said Matthew Anderson, Merz North America vice president of technical operations.“This significant investment was driven by our rapid growth and we are very thankful to Racine County and RCEDC for their continued support.Merz will continue to operate at a company owned facility in the Blackhawk Industrial Park in Franksville.

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If there is conflict between the state and nations under its control, achieving democracy will be difficult.

Linz is Sterling Professor of Political and Social Science at Yale University.

Alfred Stepan, the first rector and president of the Central European University, is Gladstone Professor of Government and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford University.

The company will keep 165 jobs in the county and expects to add 20 new positions over the next three years.

The new facility will be home to Merz’s particle manufacturing, packaging, professional services and distribution operations. said the company considered outsourcing its distribution or relocating some operations outside of Wisconsin before opting to consolidating."An absolutely major work that represents probably the most significant contribution to the burgeoning literature on democratization over the past decade and the most ambitious effort to move the debate beyond the seminal work on transition, Transitions from Authoritarian Rule: Prospects for Democracy by Guillermo O'Donnell, Philippe Schmitter, and Laurence Whitehead (1986), by considering the problem of democratization in light of the dramatic regime changes in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union." (Gerardo L.